DTG Artwork Guidelines

What type of artwork and designs can be printed digitally?

DTG Direct to Garment Printing is available for t-shirts, polos, hats, hoodies and almost any textile or clothing.  We can print over zips and seams without a problem.  View our Infographic DTG Artwork Guidelines.

What kind of files can you use in Direct to Garment Printing?

Currently, our state of the art direct to garment printers can handle most file types. These include: .png, .jpg, .eps, .pdf, and .ai amongst others. Send us your logo or image in any of these formats.

What is the recommended quality for your logos and images?

We cannot stress enough how important the quality of the image is for the print result. We advise at least 200dpi. If the quality of the image is of poor quality then it will show through onto the garment.

Infographic: DTG Artwork Guidelines - How to: Printed T-Shirt Direct to Garment. 

DTG T-Shirt Printing Artwork Guideline

DTG T-Shirt Printing Artwork Guideline

We never print unless we believe it will pass our quality controls. We are committed to producing the highest quality personalised clothing and t-shirt printing but we cannot produce high quality printing if we are not supplied with high quality images and designs.