When to use DTG Printing

When you are in a hurry and need a small quantity of T-Shirts, (polos, hoodies, etc) for a special event, product presentation, or a meeting.

Direct to Garment printing is quick and easy, so it is perfect for small volume orders (less than 25), guaranteeing cost-effective prices.

We recommend DTG Printing for short runs of full color images, illustrations, logos, CMYK, logos or photographic designs to be printed onto dark or light coloured clothing.

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We are DTG Direct to Garment Printers


Don't worry about technical details. We have you covered!

dtgtshirtprinting.co.uk will always evaluate orders as we receive them and make suggestions based on our expertise. Do not worry if you are unsure about the appropriate technique for your order, we have you covered. If you would like to find out more about the process, please read on.

DTG T-Shirt Printing vs Screen Printing

The first order of business to realise is that the most common type of printing method used is screen printing because it yields the highest quality result. The reservations associated with screen printing, however, are the set-up costs incurred by the production of the screens. Remember that a screen must be created for EACH colour that your design or artwork requires (approximately £20 per screen). Consequently, screen printing is Most Unexceptional used on large run orders of at least 25 units or more, or even 50 or more units if the design is extra detailed in colour. So… when to use DTG?

We advise to use DTG digital printing on short run orders (25 units or less) as this will be the most economical option for your needs. The other scenario where we would suggest using DTG printing is when you have a highly technical and detailed multicoloured artwork/design to be printed. Please note that when we say that screen printing produces the highest quality result, we are referring to the durability and longevity of the finish on the garment. The difference between screen printing and DTG printing is virtually negligible. DTG printing produces a result that is excellent in quality and seamless to the touch. This is achieved by ink sublimation technology that allows for the ink to enter the pores of the fabric and in effect become part of it.

Our DTG Printing Machines, the most state-of-the-art digital printers money can buy, can print on both dark and light garments. Please note that many printers and competitors in the industry cannot print DTG onto dark garments because they do not possess the technology. We are proud to announce that we do.